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Message From the Director

When we sold our first solar system 12 years ago I knew this business was going to be different. Not only were the challenges unique but there was something else, something that I hadn’t considered.

We are not just installing energy saving products we are also helping build America’s energy future.

Over the last several years I have seen solar technology and innovation grow at an incredible rate. Sun-Tec has grown along with those advances and I am proud to say that we have led the solar industry as the number one solar company in Florida for the last three years. We now have offices in Clearwater, Delray Beach, and Orlando and install and service solar products in all of South Florida.

Florida residents have become much more “solar aware” and Sun-Tec has worked hard to be able to offer the best solar products and energy saving systems. We also offer solar specific financing to meet each homeowner’s needs. Many of the solar products that just a few years ago were financially out of reach of the average homeowner are now well within the range of many homeowner’s budgets.

Solar is no longer just for the wealthy and the return on a solar investment is now measured in years rather than decades. Solar has become an essential part of Florida’s energy future and Sun-Tec’s expertise allows us to offer products and services that has no rival in the home improvement industry.

But the challenges we face as a company are reflected in the challenges we now face as a nation. It is no longer acceptable to sell our children’s future away with non-renewable fossil fuels when viable and proven technologies are readily available.

I am very proud of what Sun-Tec has accomplished as a company. But even more so how the hundreds of people who work at Sun-Tec rise to each day’s new challenges to not only improve our customers experience but to also be a beacon of hope for all of us who believe in renewable energy.

Our immediate future is truly in all our hands and what we do next will determine earth’s future.

Dave Larkin
Director of Sun-Tec

Best Product Quality

Our promise is to always give you the best quality products.

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Professional Service

We always put our clients first and provide them with the finest service.

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Environmentally Conscious

Globally the world is becoming aware that each one of us is responsible for the planet and our environment.

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When Cadillac first became the established benchmark in the automobile industry they did not sit around and expect to remain in that position the next year. The leaders of Cadillac knew they would have to work even harder the second year to maintain their dominance of the industry by building an even better automobile. This philosophy continued throughout the years until the name Cadillac became synonymous with the best.

This analogy serves to illustrate the Sun-Tec philosophy of continually upgrading our products and installation procedures to provide the best available  and most reliable solar products in this ever-changing field.

Sun-Tec has moved up the ranks in Florida’s solar contracting industry over the past twelve years and as of 2013 we have become the number one contractor in both size and customer satisfaction. Much like Cadillac ,we do not believe this position can be maintained without constantly improving our products and quality of installation procedures. And so , this is our promise to our future clients— you will be receiving the best  products and quality installation that are available at the time of your purchase.

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