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Your hot water heater is a lot more expensive than you know!


energy guide for electric water heaters

Your Energy Guide label shows the estimated costs of a water heater.

Heating water is a large part of your home’s energy use. It is an appliance that is in almost constant use for bathing, laundry, washing dishes, etc..

That constant use adds up.

In the course of one year an 80-gallon electric water heater is estimated to cost about $900 to run and uses 8,800 kWh of electricity that in turn contributes about 6,600 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere.

A natural gas powered heater can seem to be a better solution, but it still accounts for about $400 a year in costs and 3,900 pounds of CO2 per year. Also the process to extract natural gas via “fracking” creates harmful air emissions, water contamination, and serious problems associated with the disposal of horizontal fracking waste fluids.


Energy Star Solar Water Heater Savings

Solar Saves

Solar water heaters also called Solar Domestic Hot Water SDHW systems are a cost effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate and the fuel they use, sunshine, is free.

Installing a solar water heater system can reduce energy bills and corresponding CO2 emissions by 50 percent or more depending on where you live

Solar is an excellent clean energy source because sunlight is limitless, free and emits nothing when converted into energy.

Additional benefits include:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Florida state sales Tax Exemption
  • Utility Company Rebate
  • Protects you from utility company future rate increases
  • 30 year equipment life
  • Increase your property value
  • Clean renewable energy source
  • Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil

There are extra benefits that come with solar water heaters.

Installing a Solar Water Heater is your first step to going green. But there are surprising benefits that not only save you money but vastly improve upon conventional electric or gas water heaters:

  • Hotter water. Water from a solar collector panel can be hotter than the thermostat setting on your electric water heater. Normally a conventional electric water heater is set at 120 to 125 degrees. With solar you can set the thermostat much higher. This will mean that you will have hotter water for the dishwasher and for showers if you you want it.
  • More hot water. Most conventional electric water heaters hold just enough hot water for about 20 minutes of continuous use. Then the electric element kick in to reheat the tank. You can run out of hot water if two people are showering at the same time, or if you take a shower after the clothes washer or dishwasher have been running. Solar storage tanks are sized to store an entire 24 hour’s worth of hot water because there is no sunshine at night. But this gives you the added benefit that you are less likely to run out of hot water when there are multiple uses at the same time.
  • Lots of hot water during emergencies. With a passive solar water heater, or a system with a solar-powered circulating pump, you will have your customary supply of hot water even during electric power outages. This is an important feature even if you have a standby power generator, because standby generators are not typically sized to handle the power consumption (4,500 to 9,000 watts) of a conventional electric water heater.


How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

How Solar Hot Water Works

Our Solar Water Systems use automation for outstanding efficiency and self-sufficient operation. The automated system continuously monitors its ability to absorb heat from the sun and cycles itself on or off accordingly.

When there is heat to be gained, the circulating pump is activated and cold water is drawn up from the bottom of your special solar storage tank. The water is then heated through your solar collector, and returned to the tank as hot water, ready for use.

This cycle continues as long as the sun is available to provide heat to your water. When there is no heat from the sun available, the pump shuts itself off and the collector are automatically isolated to prevent any loss of heat from the tank.

If your family ever needs more hot water than the sun can provide, there is a back-up heating element that automatically takes over, insuring that you will always have all the hot water you need.

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