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Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonial-1Dear Victoria,

I wanted to thank you. My mother bought the Nuvis water tank and her first bill dropped over $60. She said both you and your staff were very helpful and she is thrilled to have the savings.

A solar panel was installed for heating water as well as a new hot water tank.  An attic fan was installed with a solar panel to run it.  Two “Nests” were installed on my two air conditioning thermostats.

It went very well.  The salesman was friendly, helpful, professional and honest .  All the work was done in a timely fashion and the workers were friendly and professional. A discount was given on the total cost as well as the addition of the “Nests” which can be controlled by i-phone or tablet when away from home.  The end result of the work done is that my electric bill was only $40.00 last month (October) and I do not have the air conditioners on solar power as yet!  Last year’s bill for the same time period was about $120.  The water is very hot and I am quite satisfied with the system plus I feel like I’m doing some good for the environment.


I used Sun-Tec for the installation of Solar air conditioning.

I am very pleased and I recommend them highly. And what I perceived as a problem, they came right out and took care of it. It was over a holiday time and everything was fine. Anyway they have been very responsive, very good, very neat workmanship. I have no complaints at all. -Mike L, Orange Grove
Installed solar panel and hot water heater, solar attic fan, and programmable thermostat for ac

Salesman was easy to talk with and very knowledgeable. The service crew were very professional and very hard working even when it pored rain. -Cindy R, Leesburg


Install solar hot water heater, solar attic fan, new thermostat. 

The installers were very professional, and good at what they did. They did a great job, cleaned up when they were through. There was a three man team, each one seemed to know what he was doing and went about it quickly and professionally. -Jim L, Port Charlotte


They put in a solar A/C unit.
It’s working awesome.  We can get on our iPhone or iPad to check the it-called the Nest System.  I’ve saved at least 50-70% off my Air conditioning bill. -Sarah P, Lakeland


Sun-Tec installed solar panels on my roof.
It went well. They were very honest. There was a $700 discrepancy on the quote that I received and the final bill that was charged but they worked it out for me. -Rob W, Bradenton



Installed a solar hot water system in my home.
In about 3 to 4 hours they installed the solar panel on my foor, ran copper tubing into my garage and hooked up to a new water tank. They tested the system and disposed of my old hot water heater. I now have a reduced FPL bill every month and unlimited hot water. -Jeffrey C, Winter Haven



A solar hot water heater and solar attic fan, venting to the outside,

 They had the system operational in one day with a minimum of mess, which they took care of, and little disruption to the household. When the 80-gallon water tank would not fit in my garage, they provided an outdoor cabinet and ran the piping and electrical work. They crews were professional and efficient. Of course, the proof of the system will be when we start getting electric bills to see how the system works. It is now August and our electric bills are running $75 to $100 less a month. -Sam J, Punta Gorda



Installed solar water heater, panels, and all pipes.  Installed solar attic fan.

Very good crew, very professional.  Explained what they did when I asked.  They even went out of their way to go buy paint that matched my house to paint the pipes that are external and made it look great. – Cindy O, Ocala


Sun-Tec installed 2 solar water heaters systems & 2 solar arctic vents & 3 electric panel surge protected devices.
Excellent service and installation – very professional. -Kenneth D, Fort Myers



Had solar attic fan installed.  Insulation in attic area and above garage.
The guys did a great job with both the solar attic fan and the insulation.  Had a small issue with one of the guys cracking a small area of the ceiling during the installation, but they provided someone to repair the ceiling damage.  Very nice and professional. -Cornelius M, Belle Grade



Solar attic fan installed on roof.
I was approached by someone who told me about the fan.  An appointment was made & it was explained in detail.  It was installed the same day (I think).  The company has sent a rep to check to see that it is working properly. -Yancey D, Cape Coral


I recently upgraded to a new solar powered water heater.

The company installed the solar panel on the roof as well as the copper pipes and also installed the new water heater.  The price was great and the payment for the upgrade is actually being paid with the money I’m saving on my energy bill, so basically it pays for itself.  The salesman was friendly, had much information about the product, and was able to answer all of my questions intelligently.  I’m very happy I finally decided to go green!!

I received a phone call asking if I was interested in a solar powered water heater.  I was looking to save on my energy costs so I said yes.  The salesman that came to the house was knowledgeable and friendly.  He answered all my questions and didn’t give me any pressure to buy anything.  The price was right and again I said yes.  The following Monday a 2 man crew came and installed the equipment (solar panel (roof), copper pipes, and new hot water heater).  They were quick and efficient. -Juanita F, Coral Springs



Sun-tec provided and installed a Solar Hot Water heating system at our home.
The experience from the Sales person to the install team were very professional. I was impressed with the clean install and how clean the area was left upon completion. We had a follow up call to see if we were pleased with the install and informed us of what to expect and how to operate the system. Overall, it was a great purchase and professional experience throughout. -Michelle D, Sarasota



We had a Solar Fan installed in the attic and we insulated the inside of the garage doors.
I received a phone call giving me information about energy efficiency, which we are all interested in. I was asked if I wanted them to come and look at my house and provide information on how we could be more efficient. I asked what it would cost, I was told nothing. When the man came to the house he suggested some items that would make it more efficient and explained the tax break we could receive by doing this. My husband was already looking at and pricing the Solar Fans, but did not want to buy it and install it himself, so we went with Sun-Tec to take care of it. The price was higher than expected, but with the tax write off, it was well worth my husband not doing it himself. We also decided to add the garage insulation as it cuts down the heat tremendously. Our experience was great. We were extremely satisfied with the representative sent to our house, and the actual technicians who did the work. The workmanship was well worth hiring this company! -Mackenzie R, Moore Haven


Having a solar water heater installed was a good experience in seeing how a company really works.

First contact was with a field agent, we discussed the solar water heater system pros and cons. After the review with the field agent we set off to determine floor space needed for the solar heater water tank would be installed. Our present water heater was installed in our garage in a small alcove. The new water heater is installed in the same location, a little rearrangement was necessary to get the new water heater installed. I had to relocate my water filter and softener, it also was a good time to clean up the water pipes and cut-off valves etc. The installation was pretty straight forward, there were two installers, one working the roof installation and the other one working the water heater installation. The installation was a success no leaks and  very professionally installed. -Elizabeth M, Bonita Springs


We had a solar hot water heater installed. Everyone was very professional and also was willing to explain everything.

Sun Tec came out and explained how the soar heater worked and they helped us with financing right there on the spot. They came out next week and within 2 hours had everything installed. -Sawyer D, Tampa


I purchased a solar hot water heater system and solar fan for my attic. 
It went very smooth.  The installation crew got started before I arrived home from work (3:30-4pm) and stayed until almost 9pm finishing up with my solar tank in the garage.It was great once it was finished because I went from a 40 gallon electric tank to an 80 gallon solar tank.It was quite amazing once the installation was done, everything they instructed me on and told me was right.
I will be using this company again for my water conditioning system I want to install. -Phil W, Lake Wales



I answered an add for  solar heat and was contacted by Sun-Tec. He came out and we discussed my high electric bill and decided on a solar hot-water heater and also solar panels for our pool.
My son has MS among other problems and I have 2 knee replacements and use the pool for exercising. We wanted to see if we could afford to have it heated so we could use it year round. We found we could afford the payments and went ahead with the order. Sun-Tec came out today and put solar panels on our roof and connected the pipes and in a few hours finished the work on the heater for the pool.  In 3 hours the temperature was 78 degrees and we went swimming!  We are very happy with the work. They will be back to install the new solar hot water heater tomorrow so we can start saving money on the electric bill. So far I’m very pleased with the work. -Markus S, Hialeah


Solar panels to heat our pool (6 panels were installed) Solar hot water tank (80 gallon tank replaced our old 52 gallon tank) Solar attic vent to help the AC run more efficiently.

The sales staff came “cold calling” and we agreed to set up an appointment. They arrived right on time even though going into the meeting, we had no intentions of purchasing their product, we couldn’t help but make the investment; and we are SO glad we did! It saves money, and more importantly it feels really good to “go green”. Our installation was scheduled very quickly and the crew once again arrived just when they said they would. The men were very friendly and professional. The equipment they installed has delivered everything they promised it would. We have had a few questions since the installation, and each time we’ve called, Sun-Tec has been available and ready to answer our questions. We are very pleased with our experience. -Joel Z, Arcadia 



Removal and re-installation of one (1) solar hot (potable) water panel on a hip roof, nine (9) solar pool water heating panels on a flat roof and the pool system connecting pipes which cross the hip roof and attach to the panels mounted on the flat roof.

VERY PLEASED WITH SUN-TEC’S SERVICE!!  The removal and re-installation of our ten (10) solar panels and piping was included in the original purchase of two (2) solar systems from Sun-Tec, so there was no additional expense incurred now.

When we scheduled the replacement of our roof by Affordable Roofing Systems starting on January 12th, I contacted Mr. Mark Gross at Sun-Tec  to let them know our plans. Mr. Gross gave me another individual to schedule the removal portion of the job.  Then I called Affordable Roofing Systems (Tampa Bay area roofers) and gave them my information from Sun-Tec.  Affordable Roofing Systems coordinated the removal with Sun-Tec for us.

Due to a forecast rainstorm for January 11th, the removal was put-off for a day which helped both companies get in-progress jobs totally completed before the rain came.

Justin and Woody from Sun-Tec came on the 12th to remove the two (2) systems. First, Justin made and sure all the control system, recirculating water valves and pump system were placed in the proper bypass mode before removing and draining the solar collector panel associated with the potable hot-water system.  This was easily done and the panel was lowered from the tile roof and placed under a patio cover attached to our house.

Then they proceeded to remove the pool water heating panels and piping.  Again, Justin made sure the control system and recirculating water valves were placed to bypass feeding the heating system, but continued to run the rest of the pool water system.  There were nine (9) panels to remove and there was considerable water that had to be “dumped” from the pool solar system including the pipes.  They drained everything and removed the majority of the hardware. They suggested we leave the mounts which were attached to the roof for fear that leaks wood occur from the attachment screw-holes if they were removed and it rained.  I agreed.  I told Affordable Roofing what was happening and they said this that was not going to be a problem and thought this was best idea for the weekend.

I gave Woody a orange “Homer” 5-gallon bucket to put the parts in which did remove and he suggested I get another 5-gallon bucket for the roofers to use on Monday because there were lots more parts to remove.  I found another bucket for that purpose and gave it to Woody.

They removed the panels and stacked them neatly under the patio cover.  The pipes were stacked out-of-the-way parallel with the pool side.  Again, everything was neat and clean.  Sun-Tec is really good about this.

Affordable Roofing Systems installed the new roof on the 16th and 17th and I called Sun-Tec to re-install everything again.  I did not pressure them to get back fast, but did tell them we missed the solar hot-water bathing!  There is a 20 degree temperature differential so as to not use Progress-Energy any more than necessary.

On the 20th Justin, Woody and Darren (another of the original installers) arrived to re-install both the systems.  They placed the pool water solar panels and pipes on the roof first and laid them out for re-installation.  When things were properly in place they started re-installation of the mounting systems.  I cautioned them that the roof had an inch (1″) of insulation that wasn’t there before, so they might need longer screws this time.

Woody measured for the placement of the potable water system solar collector with Justin and placed flashing for the mounts and bedded them properly first for the top two (2) clamps.  After moving the collector panel up in position,they did the same for the two (2) lower mounts and clamps.  Justin re-soldered the copper pipes to the panel and all was well.  After opening the circulating valves Darren “recharged” (re-filled) the closed-loop, heat exchange system, replacing the water that was drained from the system when the panel was removed. and then he started the control system and pump.  ALL OK!!

The rest of the pool system system was reconnected and the system was restarted.  ALL OK, again!

Shortly after they departed, we could see the remote pool thermometer indicating the pool water temperature rising.  Now we have to figure out how to warm (for “free”) the surrounding air when one gets out of the pool!



Sun-Tec was as excellent this time as they were previously and we whole-heartedly recommend them as a solar contractor.  We wish them continued success!

Installation of solar water heating system.

The salesman was very polite, knowledgeable and did not rush us. We had a lot of questions. The installation crew showed up in the time frame given. Although they were, I feel overloaded with jobs, they were very clean, did not rush and treated our home as though it was their own. I would use thier services again and would highly recommend them. -Jerome J, Miami 


They added a solar panel on the roof and a solar water heater.
They were very professional. They were on time and left everything neat and clean. -Cody D, Homestead



Replaced old traditional hot water heater with a solar hot water heater to save energy cost.
We had no problems. After paperwork was completed with Rep, he said we would be contacted within 24 hours regarding installation. When we were contacted about setting up installation date, the guys arrived fully prepared for the job entailed. They were prompt, helpful, polite and efficient. About a month later, as a result of a city permit, the city inspectors came to inspect the work of completion. The plumbing inspector and the engineering inspector said an excellent job was done on the installation/hook up. So far, we are very satisfied. Our electric bill has decreased $25 the past month. -Mary K, West Palm



Replaced electric hot water heater with solar tank, 4’x10′ panel on roof. Meet all requirements of County inspector. Told me about all the rebates from Gov and Progress Energy, plus their bonus for any referrals. Great people to work with.
Started looking for solar information on the web. Came across Sun-Tec and checked them out. Set up an appointment for more information, they explained how the solar units work and the different types available. Two young men came in and removed the old 30 year old electric tank and replaced it with a solar unit, they then mounted the 4’x10′ panel on the roof, ran all the wiring and piping needed for install. When they were done, you could not tell that they had been here. It took only 1/2 hour for the panel to heat the water, and I had hot water. -Wilma H, Fort Lauderdale

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